Do You Know Which Superfoods Enhance Your Immune System?

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Do You Know Which Superfoods Enhance Your Immune System?

If you keep your immune system strong, your health will of course benefit as a result. This is very important. Of course, this is no secret. It’s the reason you strive to protect your body from germs. You make it a point to wash your hands often. Hand sanitizers are popular and you use them when necessary. You stay away from people who are sick and take vitamin supplements like they are going out of style. Have you ever considered that the secret of a healthy and strong immune system may be simply eating “superfoods?” What are some of these superfoods? Below we will tell you about some great superfoods that will ensure the health of your immune system.

Eat some Brazil Nuts! Brazil Nuts are packed to the brim with selenium. Brazil Nuts are an important source of selenium. In reality, it would be hard to find a better natural source. Selenium helps protect against deterioration caused by free radicals. You will also be happy to know that selenium protects your body from several different infections, cancer, and even heart disease. Your gut is susceptible to a very invasive bacteria and selenium can protect you against it. It’s easy to figure out which of your recipes will be enhanced if you add Brazil Nuts. They complement many dishes. Toss a handful into your salad for a great tasting protein boost. Brazil Nuts are perfect to snack on plain. Tea is a wonderful superfood and, in order to experience optimum health and super-charge your immune system, you need to drink tea every single day. Of course, consuming enough water to ward off dehydration is an important factor in good health. Your T cells need interferon to maintain their optimum health. Scientific test have concluded that if you drink 20 ounces of tea each and every day, your level of interferon will increase. What the interferon does is surround the T cells so they cannot be attacked by various germs and bacteria that can lead to illness. It’s really not important what kind of tea you drink. However, read about the many delicious herbal teas and take note of the other benefits they offer as well.

Another superfood for the immune system that a lot of people don’t think about are sunflower seeds. Vitamin E is the “secret sauce” in sunflower seeds. One of the functions of Vitamin E is it’s ability to help maintain the health of your mucous membranes, including you sinuses.

It’s important for these membranes to stay healthy, because they fight infections when they first begin. Switch from your normal “junk food” salty snacks to sunflower seeds. They make a great replacement. The meat inside the seeds is loaded with protein, so they make a great addition to salads. It makes sense why sunflower seeds are one of nature’s superfoods for strengthening your immune system.

You will find that many foods are available to you that can be called immune system superfoods. You already know the best foods to eat that provide you with a balanced, health-giving diet. Don’t you think it would also be wise to include some of these superfoods that will make your immune system even stronger?