Easy Recipes For Making Your Own Oatmeal Facials at Home

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Easy Recipes For Making Your Own Oatmeal Facials at Home

Using simple ingredients found in your kitchen, you can give yourself almost the exact same facial that would cost you an arm and a leg at a spa. Natural ingredients make for the best facials. Oatmeal is one of the ingredients to use for cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Oatmeal in commonly used in the making of many body products. The oatmeal based facials that follow will help you cleanse and moisturize your skin naturally.

A tablespoon of oatmeal powder, a single egg white, and a few drops of lemon oil are what you need for this first recipe. You can find lemon oil at most natural or homeopathic stores or you can check the organic section of your grocery store. Make your own oatmeal powder by grinding some oatmeal that you have on hand. Make sure it is natural oatmeal and not the heat instantly kind! Mix the ingredients together thoroughly and completely (this is especially important since you are using an egg in your mixture). Be careful to avoid your eyes as you spread the mixture on your face. Allow mask to dry completely, which should take about twenty minutes. Once it has dried, you can wash it off with water and a soft washcloth. This next recipe is a great one to try if you have dry skin. Mix a mashed up ripe banana with a cup of oatmeal. This is going to create a really thick mixture which you can thin out to form a creamy paste with some milk. Let this mixture sit for about fifteen minutes after spreading on your face, taking care to avoid the area around your eyes. Use clean water to rinse it off after the fifteen minutes. And now your skin should feel moisturized.

Lemon juice, oatmeal and tomatoes can make a fantastic scrub facial for your skin. Blend all of the ingredients together in your blender until you have a paste that is coarse in texture. Follow your normal washing routine.

Once the cleanser is completely rinsed away, spread the facial mixture onto your face, taking care to avoid your eyes. You can also spread it on your neck if you like. Rinse the mix off after around 10 minutes.

With all of the options out there it might be fun to even try developing one of your own too. Before you spread your own mix across your skin do a patch test for sensitivity. Don’t go to the expensive spa when you are likely to find a recipe right at home that will do the trick.