Reiki Certification Course in Raleigh

What is Reiki?

Reiki training is an effective way for anyone interested in the healing art to receive reiki training. Unlike massage, reiki doesn’t just feel good; it improves physical health as well as the mental and emotional state of those receiving reiki. The process requires an apprenticeship under an experienced reiki master to properly learn reiki. While certain elements of every reiki level are typically standardized, each reiki Master will teach them differently, usually within the same level range. There are generally three (or four) levels of reiki training, each one focusing on different aspects of reiki, education, practice, and application.

Understanding Reiki Training Courses

A reiki training course will begin with a basic introduction to reiki and meditation, teaching students how to meditate using basic symbols that are symbolic of life force energy, also called reiki energy. Reiki meditation can be done using only the hands, but more experienced reiki masters will use a meditation ball or other symbol associated with the life force energy. The purpose of this introduction is to familiarize students with reiki and introduce them to the symbols and techniques of reiki meditation. This stage is where a reiki master can begin to teach students what reiki is not and what the benefits of reiki are. Reiki Raleigh NC offers the best training locally.

Reiki Training Steps

The final part of reiki training is attunement, which involves placing the student into a state of relaxation and centering them to the reiki practitioner. The reiki practitioner will use their symbols, or ‘mantras’, to help the student relax and enter a deep state of relaxation. The reiki practitioner may also use verbal encouragement or a sound like a bell or may even utilize hand gestures to help the student achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Once the reiki practitioner has helped the student into a relaxation state, the reiki master then redirects the student’s consciousness away from the practitioner in an attempt to create an out of body experience.