Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

Senior Care in CA

As people age, one day their bodies and minds will begin to deteriorate. Sometimes the mind will go first other times the body, but nobody can really say when. Some will decline rapidly while others are still going strong. Some conditions like dementia can sneak up on your very quickly, and you need to be able to react quickly to treat them as well as possible. This can be a big life change for many, and a lot of people need help or someone else to talk to.

High Quality Elderly Care

Education is so critical for anyone that is taking care of an elderly or ailing person, different treatments and medication do different things to different people, it can be impossible for the average person to handle all of that. Even experienced caregivers can get confused and need extra guidance. Never forget that however ill they may be, they are always a person at the end of the day and they need their humanity preserved, they can’t just be mistreated or forgotten about. With a lot of diseases like dementia things as small as maintaining a schedule and helping someone remember who they are can go such a long way.

Older patients often see a lot of different doctors, so it’s important to make sure that all messages and changes are communicated to everyone. One piece of information slipping between the cracks could un-do years of treatments or worse, potentially lead to death.

Maintain Interdependence

When treating someone you can’t just treat their ailments, you have to treat the underlying problems and person as a whole to see real results. Don’t just think of them as a lost old person, think of them as someone who is struggling to remember who they are and keep healthy so you have to do all you can to support them. Maintain as much independent as you can, but again never forget to check out every detail down to small changes in medication, any little thing could end up being fatal.

Geriatric Education and House-Call Service in California

Life is full of distraction! It can be hard to set aside the time needed to provide the kind of care you want to an elderly family member, sometime you just need a resource or someone to give you a hand when you’re really struggling. When it comes to the well-being of your loved ones, never be afraid to ask for any help you may need. We suggest talking to a geriatric care specialist for the best information.