Have a Good Skin Day Every Day of the Week

Having good-looking skin every day is something that almost everyone wishes for. This is no more unusual than wanting a good hair day every day. It’s actually not hard to set up a routine that will assure you a “good skin day” daily. Your daily skin care habits can be easily adjusted to improve your skin effortlessly. So what can you do to make sure that you wake up to a good skin day every single day? Keep reading and we’ll give you a few things you can start doing right now.

Use Sunblock

For many years, people have heard that using sunblock or sunscreen is necessary if you want to keep your skin looking better than ever. To protect your face, as well as your entire body, sunscreen is an absolute necessity. If you want to have good skin every single day the most important step you can take to make that happen for yourself is to wear sunscreen. You should use a substantial amount of sunblock on your face. It is also a good idea to protect your neck and the rest of your body while you are at it. SPF protection built right in is necessary, so make sure this is in your sunscreen when you buy it.

Get Some Almonds

If you eat breakfast in the morning, you might want to consider adding almonds to the table. It doesn’t matter how you work them in through granola or oatmeal or sprinkled into your cereal or baked into the bread you use for your toast or even the butter you spread on your toast – just make sure they are there. Fatty acids that are good for you are in almonds. Fatty acids are definitely helpful in regard to aging well because they prevent the swelling can lead to premature aging caused by lines appearing on your face. People that eat almonds on a regular basis have seen some improvement in regard to the lines on their face.

Add Collagen

Collagen is right under your skin’s surface and any sudden jarring movement can cause it to become weak. For those of you who use exercise machines to work out, try to stick to machines – elliptical machines are OK – that don’t cause a lot of jarring to your face. This, of course, rules out playing any contact sports – don’t take up boxing, for instance – that might cause trauma to your face. Obviously, you still want to be healthy, but there are lots of ways to stay fit that don’t get in the way of the quality of your skin.

Many little steps can be added to your skin care regimen to ensure that it is healthy and vital every day all week long. This report has given you just a few tips for having a “good skin day” everyday of the week. Start with these, and then do some homework to learn what else you can do to guarantee that every day is a good skin day.