Wet Brain Syndrome: Alcoholics Beware!




The brain is the most complex organ in the whole of the human body. A human brain can work better than any technically advanced device. The neuron system of the brain is so perfectly organized, making it most complex thing ever, complex than our galaxy. Yes, you heard it right. Physicist Roger Penrose calls galaxy “an inert lump when compared to the complexity of the brain.” Most brain related diseases are very hard to trace and cure and Wet brain syndrome is one of them.

What is Wet brain syndrome?

The wet brain syndrome also known as Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome gets the name from the combination of two different conditions, the Wernicke syndrome and Korsakoff syndrome. There exists a very close relationship between these syndromes and are caused due to a deficiency in Vitamin B1. People who are alcoholic are most prone to this disease. Almost 20 % of the cases are diagnosed before death, and 75% of them are left with permanent brain damage.

While Wernicke’s syndrome is a result of the triple disorder including ocular disturbances, mental instability and unsteady employment of limbs, Korsakoff’s syndrome is due to memory impairment. Anterograde or Retrograde amnesia is one of the criteria for diagnosing the syndrome will show signs of inability to comprehend motor actions, inability to process sensory information or the inability to formulate language to due to damage in a specific region of the brain.

It must also be known that a sudden induction of glucose into an alcoholic person who suffers malnutrition, can cause the development of this condition. Often various brain related therapies are used to improve the victims of this syndrome, however, in most cases, the damages are permanent and irreversible.

Symptoms of the wet brain:

  • Problems with muscular coordination, a wobbly gait are the primary symptoms of the Wet brain condition.
  • Hallucination and remembering incidents that never happened in the past and imagining themselves in situations that are unlikely to happen can be indications of wet brain.
  • A person with this conditions might suffer visual impairments and might temporarily lose memory.
  • A person with this deficiency will suffer from the inability to form new memories. The will find it hard to remember things of the recent past resulting in depression and unstable mental state.

Prevention and Treatment

Though total recovery from this condition in not a possibility, prolonging the life of the victim is possible by changing their diet pattern and avoiding alcohol. Malnourished drinkers can take precautionary steps by taking food rich in Vitamin B1.

Tasty And Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in every woman’s life.  The biggest thing that comes in the way of a happy pregnancy, is food and sometimes back pain. Old people at home have their own neanderthal myths and prevent pregnant women from consuming food items of their desire. Always remember a pregnant woman need not focus on a square diet but a smart diet and also to avoid a more demanding weight loss plans after giving birth.

Tasty and healthy snacks during pregnancy:

  • Salads: Salads can either be made of fruits or vegetables. A salad stuffed with rich fruits or vegetables can be fulfilling and will provide the required amount of calories. Fruits will also prevent women from getting dehydrated soon.
  • English muffins: Eggs in English muffins are good source of Choline, a nutrient that most haven’t heard of. Choline is a vitamin-like nutrient that is very much essential for brain development of the fetus
  • Fresh cucumbers and carrots are incredible snack items that can be immediately filling and are rich source of nutrients.
  • Chickpeas: A long list of snack items can be made out of Chickpeas. Chickpeas can also help you limit the consumption of other junk foods and are highly recommended for pregnant women. It is also choline-rich food and helps you have a check on your obese levels.
  • Sprouts: Again a very regular advice, worth mentioning though. Sprouts are good source of protein and a regular intake, at reasonable quantities, will keep the mother fit.
  • Guacamole: Guacamole is a healthy snack made out of avocado. Women during pregnancy often suffer from leg cramps. Avocado helps you fight it off and prevent cramps in future.
  • Trail mix: A homemade trail mix is a rich nutritional supplement. Trail mix is a mixture of nuts and dried fruits with rich nutritional value. So make you own trail mix with almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, dried apple, honey roasted peanuts and chocolate chips

Most pregnant women find it hard to handle their food cravings. They like things that are either rich in sweet content or that are sour. So here we are listing few alternative:

  • A low-fat frozen yogurt is an alternative to ice creams.
  • Lime juice or sparkling water with  fruit juice can match the longing for soda
  • And finally, pizzas, who doesn’t love to have pizzas, especially during the days in with you are craving the most for, nothing else, but food. So try making your own healthy pizzas at home. Use brown rice or wheat pitas for the crust. Then top it with roasted vegetables, tomato slices and a little of grated parmesan.

Pregnancy myths-broken:

  • Healthy fruits like pineapple and papaya are completely avoided during pregnancy fearing miscarriage or abortion. Though the raw forms of the same cannot be consumed, a reasonable quantity of well-ripened papaya and pineapple can be a part of your.
  • Citrus fruits might cause cold: This is absolutely false. Fearing catch of cold and other related diseases pregnant women are asked to avoid citrus fruits completely. Whereas citrus fruits have vitamins that absorb iron required for the body and helps the baby in skin development.
  • Vegans lack nutrition: You can be a vegan and still produce a healthy baby as great as non-vegans.
  • Being fat is bad: Do not diet during pregnancy. It is absolutely ok to be fat during pregnancy. Other than food there many other healthy biological reasons why women grow fat during pregnancy. Never feel ashamed of eating.

Studies have proven that babies can taste the food that you eat. So remember to eat healthy and tasty food!