Basic Skin Care for Fighting Acne

When it comes to fighting acne, you’ll find so many methods to do so. There are big name products. If you can afford them, medical and surgical procedures are available. Then you have the option of going to the spa on a regular basis. The reality, though, is that you’ve got to stop buying into the hype if what you really want is skin that’s clean and clear. Basic skin care methods are what will effectively keep acne at bay. Today, we’ll share with you some basic skin care methods to prevent and treat acne.

Consult a Dermatologist

Have your acne checked by a dermatologist. It’s one thing to get pimples every once in a while but a different thing altogether when you’re an adult who’s always having acne breakouts. Go to a dermatologist if you’re having really bad acne breakouts. Your doctor or your dermatologist will be able to assess your acne and help you figure out a way to treat it. If you’ve used over the counter acne cleansers and they’ve never worked, your dermatologist can prescribe a stronger cleanser. A dermatologist can also provide you specific acne treatments should you need them. Your dermatologist can get to the bottom of your acne problem.

Consume More Water

You need to drink lots of water. The recommended amount of water is actually 1 ounce for every 2 pounds of your actual weight. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your body hydrated. What’s more important is that your skin is hydrated. The drier your skin gets, the more oil your glands produce to keep up your skin’s elasticity. Water actually helps to keep your skin moisturized. This means there’s less oil produced, which in turn means your pores won’t get clogged and you won’t get zits.

Use Sun Protection

Do not forget to wear sunscreen. Of course, you can wear a hat or wear protective clothing, but you still need sunscreen. Sunscreen keeps the harmful UVA and UVB rays from doing damage to your skin. Some brands are better than others, though. Ask your doctor or a dermatologist to recommend the best products when it comes to preventing exposure to the sun. Make sure the sunscreen you use is designed for use on the face. Use “regular” sunscreen on the rest of your body. Healthy skin is better at fighting acne. You’ll find many complex and expensive products and procedures today that are being touted as ways to prevent and treat acne. It’s not at all hard to fall for the marketing hype created for these products and make you believe that they’re your only option at preventing or treating acne. They don’t realize, however, that acne prevention or treatment more often than not simply involves practicing basic skin care methods. In this post, we mentioned a few of those.