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Computer restarting due to static shocks

I’m passing Windows XP Pro 1gb ram P4 3.0 moldova ladies ghz hyperthreaded Intel computer’s desktop Board D865GBF.

i own a strange problem. I think I know what’s causing it but I can’t figure out what to do. My computer will reboot sometimes when I leave it idle for a few momemts and I come back to it and touch the mouse. Soon as I contact the mouse it reboots. The desk my computer is on is the type glass ones with a metallice frame. Sometimes when I touch the metal and get a static shock the pc reboots. Another computer across the room which is generally hibernating comes back from its sleep state when the first computer reboots. I can’t really pinpoint when this begins. I’m questioning it was after a video card change. The new card didnt work so I put the old one back in and i believe this has happened ever since. I’ve opened it up, disconnected and reconnected everything. Nothing may seem to help. Sometimes I can go a whole day with out using reboot but usually I get 2 or 3 a day. Some reboots happen when I try to plug in a USB device. as soon as the USB cable touches the connector it will reboot. also the mouse tracking slows right down. Then this wasn’t disable and enable for it track normally again. I’ve checked all my connections on the system board. the causes are connected correctly.

well, I just checked your account, And I can see that you live in the best Frozen North, Where this is not an uncommon problem during wintertime. I’m sure you live in a nice warm house, And that is part of dilemma. You should have the heat on to keep from freezing, And that makes the air around warm and dry. sizzling, Dry air is VERY conducive for static build up under those environments, insurance plan I grew up in a cold, Snowy area me, I can tell you how to solve this matter WITHOUT buying a new desk OR an acrylic case (which explains absurd, If you think of it).

Get an empty spray bottle, Like one which window cleaner comes in. Rinse it out substantially, And put about one teaspoon of dish-washing liquid into the bottle. Next, Fill the bottle with tepid to warm water, then you should, walk through the house, And spray the rugs and carpets with the (mildly soapy) collaboration. you will hurt the carpeting AT ALL, if you DON’T use a product with a bleaching agent in it, indicates, avoid the use of LAUNDRY soap, Which MIGHT have some type of bleach in it.

A light mist of the mixture on the rugs and carpets will do the job for a day or two, And you’ll quickly work out how much to use, And landlords should regularly to apply it. You don’t need to SOAK the rugs; You only need to DAMPEN them enough to eliminate the static, And so that you can stop suffering from the spontaneous reboots, And from shocking one another as you walk-through the house. Once the weather turns nice outdoors, Your static problems indoors will leave until NEXT winter.

and don’t be stuck; Try this and let us know when there is. I’m willing to bet you’ll notice an IMMEDIATE effect on how much of static in the house, And an end to the impulsive rebooting of your systems.

Sean m:

initially, OCGW is correct on both points; RAISING humidity WILL solve the problem, (Which is what MY solution accomplishes), And an amount ever make you think that an acrylic case would REDUCE static? IF there’ no requirement any actual knowledge of electronics and static conductivity, you really shouldn’t give anyone “assistance” such as that. An acrylic case would be the scariest thing to use in this circumstance, Because it would actually HOLD a static charge up to thousands of volts higher than a comparable METAL case.

Since you don’t REALLY know anything about area of interest, avoid being giving advice, manuals CLEARLY aren’t qualified to do so. During my basic years, I wrote a substantial paper about the effects of static in the computing environment, and one the next semester, branded “High Electron transport at the Sub atomic Level, Do you STILL think you know more about static producing electricity than I do?

If you don’t know something, Then of which it’s better to remain silent, And be thought a fool, Than to open your mouth, and take away all doubt. That bit of wisdom has credited to Abraham Lincoln, Among many more, And now I’ve taught you even MORE than you’ve ALREADY learned today by reading my original reply to this thread.

lack of knowledge might be bliss, But you’ve no excuse for that; start Google, And get an education before you decide to “provide, right? you’re really not helping people with “counselling” that way, vehicle willing to admit it or not. the “program” Was not only ineffective, It is also uncaring; Acrylic is the WORST material for creating a static resistant computer case I can think of offhand.

i live in a warm climate, I’ve never turned the furnace on here in the twenty three years that I’ve owned this place, So I didn’t know that furnaces actually have a humidifier. Thanks for yielding; You’ve taught moldova women ME something mroe challenging today, Which I always identify.

My solution was the low buck way to resolve the actual issue, And yours was the more likely, Though somewhat more expensive approach. many thanks.