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Pakistan struggling to quell political war

By Arseny Vasyukhov, RBC Russia Correspondent

BALTIMORE, Sept 14 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin ordered air strikes to prevent a potential escalation in eastern Ukraine as he tried to stave off a possible humanitarian crisis.

The Russian president on Saturday ordered strikes on Ukrainian positions where rebels are fighting forces loyal to Ukraine’s deposed president, Petro Poroshenko.

He wanted to punish “any possible aggression with aggression”, Russia’s state-run news agency RIA quoted him as saying. The United States said a missile strike on a Ukrainian military target would be followed by sanctions.

“I do not want the escalation to happen,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said at a briefing.

“The situation there is highly complicated and in many ways, unpredictable, and as such it would be impossible, at best, to expect (Poroshenko) to withdraw from power so quickly.”

Poroshenko said on Monday he was ready to resign at a meeting of his cabinet, and earlier on Saturday NATO and Russia held negotiations over whether to carry out more air strikes to stop the separatists.

NATO, U.S. allies also hold a rotating alliance meeting next week to decide how to respond to Russia’s moves.

A rebel-led assault by pro-Russian forces on Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine in late August and a peacekeeping peace plan are drawing global attention to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The separatists are accused by Ukraine of orchestrating an offensive on a Russian military base in August, which Russian President Vladimir Putin denies.

Kiev has said the latest violence will push pro-Russian separatists closer to launching a major offensive. It said Kiev’s military has responded with counterattacks to the separatists’ positions.

Separatist leaders say they are ready to put up no resistance to Russian strikes, but have warned Russia that any escalation would be unacceptable to Russia.

Russian air strikes began about two weeks ago, the Ukrainian military said earlier this week, and since then the war has devolved into what one Western diplomat called the deadliest crisis since the end of the Cold War.

There is no proof the fighting has killed dozens, but thousands are estimated to have been wounded, including several thousand civilians, some of them women and children. 온카지노 바카라

Gitmo inmates not our problem” in a post that went viral. A year later, the Justice Department dropped its investigation into how he had gotten on Gitmo.

In a later interview for an April 13, 2011, appearance on a Fox News segment, Trump explained that he thought at least one or two years might be appropriate for his lawyers to file an obstruction of justice charge.

“I think if it were me as a criminal defense attorney and they were saying, ‘You’re violating this order by going into those women,’ I would say, ‘You know what, we are a team of lawyers,'” Trump said. “I’ll just say this, I will tell you what. We don’t want this to happen. We don’t want this to happen.”