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King tides and big swells threaten sunshine coast beaches like Laguna Beach

The heat and heat waves could also bring more rain to many coastal California beaches this summer, as rain falls across much of the state.

“It’s probably going to make a bit more of a difference this year,” said Dan Johnson, a weather expert with The Weather Channel in Orange County.

He predicted heavy rain this summer from the El Niño event that sets up tropical conditions in the central Pacific, in a similar pattern to El Niño’s 2011 and 2013.

“We see a lot more El Niño events in 2015 than we see in 2010 and 2014,” Johnson said.

He also sees a significant increase in the possibility of the strongest summer storm in decades moving into the state, in 2015.

El Niño has been linked to El Niño-like conditions along the coast of Southern California this year, including San Diego County’s iconic Newport Beach Pier.

“The heat and cold air is mixing so they are coming in much closer together, and this mix can produce big waves,” Johnson said.

The weather channel’s forecast shows another major El Niño event, and there will be a record-setting El Niño in the Pacific Ocean this summer as well. 온라인카지노 카지노

16yo driver dies in road crash

The young teenager was among nine people killed in the crash on Saturday evening.

Mr Brown, who grew up on the estate, was a member of the local school’s football team and had been a regular attendee at the Old Firm’s Christmas party.

He was among those with him on Friday night when the crash happened.

The driver of a white Mitsubishi Sentra was travelling northbound on Ullowness Road when they lost control. It crashed into a large orange vehicle on the left of the road.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Brown was described as a “great little lad” by the family he grew up with

He was one of five people who died when the Sentra clipped a truck on the right lane of Ullowness Road.

The driver of a white Mitsubishi Sentra was not injured in the collision, but was taken to hospital for a minor cut. The other six were transported by ambulance to hospital by road ambulance.

Image copyright PA

He was later described by his family as a “great little lad”, with family friend Stephen Brown describing him as an “all-round good lad”.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The car was driven to a nearby shop

The tragedy brought back painful memories of the passing of seven-year-old Daniel, which sparked a local campaign to keep him close to family.

Image copyright AP Image caption Friends had urged parents not to celebrate Christmas holidays with family in the town centre

In 2012, Daniel died after suffering a serious head injury at his parents’ home in Old Firmgate.

He died in hospital shortly before Christmas after suffering brain damage.

But his parents remained in contact and the family of another of Daniel’s siblings visited him on Christmas Day.

Daniel’s brother said in 2014, when his body was discovered, he told the family: “You will be here forever.”

He added: “We told the family that all our hopes and dreams were going to be for them and we were really heartbroken because that didn’t go through.”

Image copyright PA Image caption In January this year, Daniel’s body was found with his parents and sister at the home they shared with their sons

A vigil for Daniel organised by the Old Firm family last year included a presentation of a giant heart from their brother and sisters and a teddy bear made from the remains of Daniel.

In 2014, Mr Brown joined an emergency committee appointed by the Lord Chancellor to review the way safety of children and young people was monitored in the town centre.

It recommended introducing better road rules to ensure the safety of children in cars and introduced a “zero tolerance” approach on illegal drivin