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Fishers meet minister over licence buyback concerns


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Mp moots youth curfew and police raid house

Gardai are calling for the youth curfew to be lifted after a raid on a residential property in the city yesterday evening.

Gardai have been called out by the Limerick Limerick Youth Council who want to keep the order.

The Youth Council’s chairman has said that he is shocked and appalled to have been put under police protection today.

Mr McDonogh (33) is accused of supplying drugs to members of the youth council.

The man appeared at Limerick Sheriff Court yesterday morning where he appeared under his own name to allow gardai to check his ID to allow police to make arrest.

The man has a rap sheet including offences against the law including conspiracy to cause harm to a police officer in 2012.

He was last recorded on the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court’s watch list from February 2008 to July 2011 where he was on ten counts of drugs possession and one of supplying MDMA to an underage member of his youth council.

A solicitor for Mr McDonogh, Brendan Kelly SC, said that they “had no idea” about the raid prior to it taking place.

The solicitor said that the raid was “inappropriate” given that his client had no prior convictions and could only have been “inadvertently supplying drugs.”

However, Mr Kelly said that the youth council was “not against gardai working with them.”

He told the court that there was no reason for gardai to keep the youth curfew on because a drug-assisted house arrest was in place.

Judge John Brennan said that the warrant was only for the alleged crime of supplying drugs to a youth in relation to the youth council.

He added that he had no intention of removing the youth curfew, but if he did, he would be acting within the law.

The judge said that he was aware that the charge of supplying drugs to a youth council would carry the possibility of imprisonment.

The youth council is now considering all options to try and secure the safety of their members.

Mr McDonogh was remanded in custody on bail to appear in court on Monday.

Gardai have been in possession of Mr McDonogh’s mobile phone which was seized during the raid and other evidence.

The court has ordered him to provide gardai with a copy of the mobile phone when arrested, and also a copy of any other evidence taken during the raid.

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