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Hello everybody! I am Tony, I live in Finland and I am fond of construction) This is my hobby, I started it a couple of years ago during the COVID pandemic, my nerves were on edge, I was depressed ( The psychologist told me to find a hobby, and it became construction! I studied a lot of literature, magazines and websites, the last topic was aerated concrete blocks, by the way, good articles on links:

Газобетонные блоки от производителя

Газобетон — характеристики, преимущества и недостатки ячеистого бетона

Строим забор: материалы, конструкции, выбор

Что нужно знать о газобетонных блоках?

What can I say, having taken up construction, I became not only more successful, calm and friendly, but also sexy) Girls, having found out that I am a builder, are more open to more serious actions than just sitting in a bar, it really works! Good luck friends!