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national government continues explanations on Benghazi decision

stores in Benghazi, Libya. Post election, The questions of the obama administration handling of the attacks continue, And the Pentagon and State Department Friday released ideas to try to further clarify decisions made before, During and post attacks. Ambassador to Libya and three other us citizens. voyage in Benghazi, The State Department said Friday it has handed over a number of documents to Congress for review.

And Friday afternoon the Pentagon released and hour by hour timeline mentioning when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his senior commanders were told pretty girl in spanish of the attacks and when decisions were made to move forces to assist. The information shows that the scramble to respond was not even close being in a time frame to help fend off the attack, With special units only getting in position a half day after the attack ended. Military troops to arrive in Libya in response to the attack came more than 14 hours after the initial attack began. Military was playing only a small role at the moment in Libya, The timeline shows that the troops called up by Panetta had to travel long distances, although some were closer to North Africa.

Pentagon releases official schedule of Benghazi attack

But Pentagon officials and Panetta say that inspite of the time and distance, Military forces could not be inserted until there was a better idea of what was happening on the ground in Benghazi.

depending on timeline Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Were told of the attack beautiful spanish women about an hour after it started, As both men were enroute to the White House for an already scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. Thirty minutes later the president was directing the Pentagon to do all it could that can help, according to senior Pentagon officials.

In a letter sent to members of the legislature, these kinds of Sen. adam McCain, R arizona, Panetta explained there were no military forces close by to assist the Americans as they came under fire in the two attacks that night.

McCain and other Republican senators belittled Panetta response.

prior times month, We and our colleagues have sent 13 separate letters to senior white house officials.. but, Secretary Panetta letter only confirms what we already knew that there were no forces at a sufficient alert posture in Europe, Africa or the Middle East to provide timely assist with our fellow citizens in need in Libya. The letter fails to address the main question why not? depending on joint letter by the senators.

Question is all the more puzzling considering that the attack in Benghazi occurred on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history a day when we know that our enemies around the world are plotting and planning to hit us again, in line with the press release. Facilities across the globe.

Were fully cognizant of the threats around that date. We had forces situated daily respond. We are not ubiquitous or omniscient, One actual said. Personnel or facilities in Benghazi before the attack. Officials addressing claims that armed aircraft could have been sent in short notice to the scene to assist and repel attacks again said that would have been unattainable those aircraft on scene in time.

Were no alternative aircraft options available and those options would not have been feasible, depending on defense official. these were not feasible, officers have told CNN, Because those plane, An AC 130 gunship and network,television drones, Would have created collateral damage and most likely killed civilians in the area as well Americans because there was no clear picture in a tree on exactly what was happening. Local amount of time in Libya, And about 90 minutes later a surveillance drone was over the compound, But it was disarmed.

Three hours after the attack started, Panetta and other senior leaders discussed possible alternatives for further violence if it was to break out. Panetta then gave verbal orders for Marine anti terrorist teams from Rota, southern spain, to organize to deploy to Tripoli and Benghazi. to get ready to deploy to a staging base in southern Italy. Compound came under attack about eight hours after the initial attack, Killing two former Navy SEALs acting as security building contractors. Government employees and the bodies of the dead were out of Benghazi and in Tripoli getting ready to leave Libya. SOF team training in Europe finally arrived to their Italian staging grounds about 10 hours after the Americans left Benghazi.

Pentagon officials said the second Marine team did not deploy to Benghazi because have been no longer Americans in the city.

The State Department has struggled with answering questions about its decision making surrounding the attacks and said Friday it handed over documents to Congress, Which has bombarded the split with requests from committees for documents on the attack, And there might be more.

Have now made documents for sale to members and staff on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, The Senate Homeland Security and govt Affairs Committee, The Senate Foreign operations Committee, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.

Nuland said the department told the committees and their staff can see these documents as many times as they like to see them as long as they like to see them. Of the senators staring at the documents Friday was Bob Corker, R tn, A member of the Senate Foreign relationships Committee. Corker and with fellow panel member Sen. amy Isakson, R georgia, Had written to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressing for disclosure of all marketing communications regarding security in Benghazi leading up to the attacks.

The senators complained in their letter that cables, E mails and other advertising regarding the security situation in Benghazi been leaked to some Congressional offices and media outlets, bringing about conflicting reports in the press. Denied accusations that the liquidation was withholding information, Telling editors, Really done our utmost under the secretary training to be fully compliant, transparent and open with the Congress. legal documents, some of which are classified, Are being provided to members of the property and Senate and their staffs who, Nuland shown, View them in rooms on Capitol Hill designated to relieve symptoms of classified information.

The State Department spokeswoman also said senior officials will be on Capitol Hill next week to brief members of Congress.