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Django devops

Django devops Breaking news Django devops

Django devops

Custom Python & DjangoSoftware Development Agency

Our clients say that we perceive theirbusinesses as our own and transformideas into efficient digital solutions.

We can’t help but agree.

developers with a 4.8 rating, according to the research company


Implementing your ideas with a sense of ownership and full transparency

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Consultancy

With our Django expertise, you can build an MVP easier, enter the market faster, and transform into digital enterprise smoother. We’ll drive you through.

Mobile App Development

With our combo of Python & Django for web apps and React Native for cross-platform mobile ones, you get fast and flexible solutions.

UX/UI Design

Deep UX research, human-centred solutions and scalable interfaces are in the core of our design team.


We implement DevOps as a culture on every step of the development process to provide you with top-notch quality of a product and technical partnership in general.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of your product will save your money and make your users happy, and all of that will be done by our QA engineers.

Software Consultancy

We back-up our clients not only with code but our expertise — help them with the discovery phase, act as remote CTO, and drive them through digital transformation.

Technical Partnership

Python Development Solutions

With Python we’ve built digital products for our Swiss and UK fintech clients, worldwide diving platform, German real estate company, and even food delivery service in Jordan. We choose Python because it enables:

  • Creating any type of product
  • Easy updates and improvements
  • Applying Data Science
  • High Flexibility

Django Development Services

With Django framework we are able to design almost anything our clients need and build MVPs faster. With our Django expertise our partners get:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • High security
  • Easy scaling
  • Smooth support process
  • Fintech
  • Travel & Booking
  • Logistic & Transportation

The financial products we build are all about closing the gap between the customer and your company and simplifying the process of accessing the services and products from anywhere.

We create online mortgage and investment platforms as well as trading and accounting software, no matter how complex the challenge. We also support you after the product is released.

We build online travel platforms that cover all aspects of the booking process, including a fast and easy-to-use search engine, advanced filtering, wishlist, shopping cart, a payment processor, currency conversion and more.

We create custom online booking solutions to meet your business targets, and help you throughout the process of the initial analysis, building, releasing and maintaining the product.

Online Booking Platform Development

The transportation apps we create are about fast and easy interaction, smooth logic, and rich functionality. They include customizable panels, statistics and management tools, filtering options, location tracking, payment processors and other features.

We are a technical partner, which means that we build web logistic solutions from the first prototypes and MVP, maintain them after the release date, and guide you through the whole process. What does our logistic & transportation expertise cover?

Transportation Management systems

Route Optimization solutions

As a partner and member of the team, Django Stars was not only delivering code, but was really thinking with us in terms of the best solution.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


Every member of Django Stars believes that they’re working for a cause, to build a great solution that will disrupt the market. It’s that feeling of ownership and shared vision that I value the most.

Amitabh Ghatak

Chief Product Officer of Molo Finance

United Kingdom

Django Stars has done a great job in putting a team that is knowledgeable, that has looked into our requirements and fully wants to understand our business. We are looking to them as the CTO of our company on technology and that technology stack of Python and Django. And we look forward to our prosperous relationships.

Mike Meszaros

United States

I would recommend Django Stars for two reasons, they both have to do with professionalism. Professionalism one is from the aspect of the company as a whole. They are very, very professional. The second one is that they are very professional in the technologies they take on.

Patrik Hansson

Product owner of Clear Minds


Amitabh Ghatak

Chief Product Officer of Molo Finance

United Kingdom

They built our entire application website using Django and React, which was quite complex. They’re motivated and want to see us succeed, rather than acting purely as an outsourced developer.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


We’ve received some very positive feedback both from our investors and from our users. Clean code, fluid and intuitive usability, and very contemporary. It was actually kind of a challenge to queue up enough work for them.

Benjamin Tacquet


I’m very happy with Django Stars. They’re extremely open and they’re also flexible with our changing requirements. These guys provide very high-quality code.

Django devops

Django devops

Django devops American news headlines Django devops

Django devops

Django Stars provides startups and enterprises with Python development services. As experienced Python developers, we apply Django development services to build products that people want to use.

Django devops

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Django devops

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