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Take part in the best affiliate program!

Greetings, dear friend! I want to tell you about the new Ximera project This is a unique browser with anti-detection methods that works in an encrypted environment With the help of which you will always remain anonymous on the Internet

Ximera is an anonymous browser that allows the user to:

1. Visit any websites 100% incognito 2. Avoid the formation of a digital fingerprint – a digital fingerprint that leaves the majority of unprotected users 3. Keep any online activity secret 4. Create different work environments, add other participants, share a license 5. Also use cloud storage and transfer profiles to other devices

We invite you to participate in our affiliate program and receive 40% of the reward from the invited user Just register with us, get an individual link in your account and recommend us! We guarantee you stable payments for each request to your electronic wallet.

Take part in the best affiliate program!