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Hello everybody! I’m Harry, I live in England, I started to lose heart in the last two years, all these COVID pandemics, rising housing and gas prices, some disorders… A psychologist suggested Me to find a hobby, and I began to study the basics of construction, it really distracts from problems and gives strength. Recently I decided to redo my house in the countryside, and make it out of aerated concrete, by the way, good reviews can be found at these links:

Газобетон стеновой с захватом для рук в СПб

Газобетонные блоки для строительства: преимущества, состав, виды

Особенности газобетона

After 3-4 months of My new hobby, life became more interesting and even girls began to pay more attention to me! Builders have always been sex symbols, and girls are happy to be in their environment) Good luck!