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Sunfish keen to be heard on reef fin fish laws

‘I think we’ve reached the point where we’re on a trajectory that I think has already been taken,’ he said.

‘We’ve passed legislation on the reef, but what we’re also beginning to see is the beginning of a debate on what’s sustainable on coral reefs, whether the fish population will be sustainable if we keep them in, whether we’ll want to keep them in.

‘I’ve become increasingly convinced that we’re on the cusp of something really big.’

Fisheries and Oceans Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop will unveil a marine protected areas plan at National Press Club tomorrow.

The plan will be released at the start of this week.

It will see the government develop new policies and guidelines on marine protected areas – similar to those in place in a number of developed countries.

‘We must develop plans, legislation, and guidelines on marine protected areas on a global basis to ensure that we have a future for species on our shores,’ said Mr Dickson.

‘That’s our responsibility, and it’s now time we started doing that.’

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Us details afghanistan withdrawal plan for 2016-19 is:

The Afghan National security Council (ANSC) will be responsible for Afghanistan strategy planning and execution. Its members will be accountable to its chief, who will report directly to its president.

The ANSC will make decisions to prepare its roadmap. It will develop its own national security strategy and budget, and will consider requests for extension of existing budget and for expenditure of resources beyond the 2017-2018 Budget Period, with due regard for political needs. This will include budgeting for implementation of existing and future laws, programmes, funding for national security programs, and future priorities. The ANSC will also take decisions on the future use of its assets and powers.

The Afghan government will also take a responsibility for its strategy for economic, social, and defence development. The ANSC will provide advice and guidance to government authorities on issues relating to development and development of its own industries and infrastructure. It will play a leading role in international assistance programs relating to Afghanistan, with the government’s objective being to achieve full development of Afghanistan through economic and social integration in a harmonious manner in accordance with international humanitarian and social norms.

The Afghan National Council on National Security and Strategy (ANSC-ANA, or ANSCAN) will have powers and functions to review and approve all federal policy-related and budgetary decisions. It will play a key role in the development of a national security strategy and budget for the Afghan state, and in ensuring public confidence in the decision-making process.

The ANSC will advise the president on Afghanistan strategy planning for 2016-2017 and forward to the executive committee on a strategy of action. It will work with the Afghan government and other institutions such as the Afghan National Security Council to develop a comprehensive national security strategy to deal with foreign threats and international threats, develop, conduct and sustain peace and security, and prepare Afghanistan for its future role in the international community.

The federal government will submit the national security plan to the ANSC-ANA for the approval of the executive committee on a plan of action on a timeline to be decided with regard to its implementation.

The President of Afghanistan and the government officials assigned to this task will each have full participation in the planning.

In coordination with other executive branches of the government, the ANSC will work to ensure that its plan is implemented by a secure mechanism to minimize possible delays, with a view to ensuring a transparent and timely implementation plan, without unnecessary cost or burdens to the country.

The ANSC-ANA will be tasked with maintaining transparency and confidence, in order to enhance confidence in national sovereignty, security and stability, with a view to enhancing the public confidence and peace of Afghanistan.

The task of the National Security Council-ANA includes establishing and evaluatin