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Wwf laments loss of rare bat specimen, and then says it’s a little disappointing that an important bat lost after the recent earthquake wasn’t one of the rarest bats seen outside of the city of Sydney.

“He would have had a massive success,” she told Waleed. “It was a great bat. It was so nice to see him flying around. He would have been the best bats we have seen here.

“You never want a bird to go out to fly. They usually like to go to the back. To have a bat go out to fly is amazing.”

Waleed said she was told bats are more likely to attack people’s property if they’re coming in via the water from a river stream rather than having to swim across open water from their natural habitat.

“If they’re actually having to find water to catch up with a bat,” she said, “they’re going to go after people in their houses.

“Bats are very protective, especially when they’re at the edge of a stream where they don’t want to get stuck.”

On the rare occasion bats kill someone, it generally happens in the process of defecating in their urine, wading down a stream for the night to find enough fresh material.

But it doesn’t always happen.

One person in northern New South Wales died after a bat attacked their family, while in NSW only two people were reported to have died after being killed by a bats in 2006.

The Australian Government has not yet released information about the first reported death from a bat attack on a residential building since the Sydney Port in 1992.

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Hawthorn coach lashes out at fan

By Daniel Wells

The star defender of the Sydney Swans has accused an angry Melbourne fan of having his shirt ripped in a heated exchange with fans outside the MCG on Wednesday night.

The Hawks were thrashed by the Demons at Etihad Stadium by 21 points, including two unanswered goals.

“It’s like a war,” Adelaide midfielder James Frawley told Channel 9’s Triple J.

“This is a battle right here, here, here.

“There was a Melbourne fan out there who was screaming something and it’s just not acceptable.

“But people can go to another club if they’re unhappy because you’re not going to change your identity for it.”


Frawley and fellow midfielder Tom Hawkins have been fighting for a place in the side for several weeks as they attempt to secure a spot on the finals ladder.

Hawkins has since scored the winning goal against Greater Western Sydney last weekend.

Frawley said this year’s Sydney derby had become a battle of wills as the Swans struggled to keep their place on the ladder.

“The boys have been fighting each other with their shirts and now it’s time for them to go out and win a premiership to bring us closer together,” he said.

Frawley and the Giants lost 23-8 in front of 10,000 to end last season’s premiership drought.

The Eagles and Storm have qualified for the final three rounds for a chance to face each other but can the Swans keep their spot?

Adelaide midfielder Jack Redden admitted his team was on the back foot following his side’s disappointing loss to Richmond.

“I thought our performance wasn’t quite there on Thursday night,” Redden told Triple J.

“It’s early days but we’ve got to try and keep our heads up and keep our foot on the gas, that’s what they did on Thursday night.”

He said while the game was a competitive contest, the Swans had some bad luck come their way as it was their first defeat at home.

“At one stage there was nothing happening, a game away. It was a game against some good competition,” Redden said.

“There was a couple of injuries so (Tom) Hawkins went down and got his hamstring, that obviously gave the team a break a little bit but (Jack) Redden kept hitting his head on the bar so it was just a short rest, just a short week out with a bit of work in between.”

But it was in midfield that the Swans were the best on Wednesday night when rookie Andrew S