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Charles Banks

Hello, this is the CEO of ChitChatChannel inviting you to use the new social media for your social commercial experience.

It cuts across all ages, groups, and businesses – enabling users to keep channels where they catalogue their content which they deliver as posts or products to friends or customers. And it’s got its own ‘zoom’ too! But it’s your ability to turn any post into a product for sale, or to put a price for access to your channel that monetizes your social presence making it a must-have.

So whether it is for something as simple as keeping channels for your kids artwork on your virtual ‘home museum’ channel, or for your stores virtual outlet, or schools eLearning, or for your more formal corporate virtual team-meetings, or complex Agile Scrum software development – chitchatchannel monetizes your social presence for you. Hope you accept my invitation.

Charles N.B. You can reach me there at channel 1463.1