• Thomas M. Elias


    Staff were very attentive and put me at ease;explaining everything they were doing,why and what would happen next.

  • Daniya G. Sikora


    They were incredibly compassionate and efficient. The male nurse even made a sling for my 4 year old which really made his day.

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Tasty And Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in every woman’s life.  The biggest thing that comes in the way of a happy pregnancy, is food and sometimes back pain. Old people at home have their own neanderthal myths and prevent pregnant women from consuming food items of their desire. Always remember a pregnant woman need not focus on a square diet but a smart diet and also to avoid a more demanding weight loss plans after giving birth. Tasty and healthy snacks during pregnancy: Salads: Salads can either be made of fruits or vegetables. A salad stuffed with rich fruits or vegetables can be...

Wet Brain Syndrome: Alcoholics Beware!

      The brain is the most complex organ in the whole of the human body. A human brain can work better than any technically advanced device. The neuron system of the brain is so perfectly organized, making it most complex thing ever, complex than our galaxy. Yes, you heard it right. Physicist Roger Penrose calls galaxy “an inert lump when compared to the complexity of the brain.” Most brain related diseases are very hard to trace and cure and Wet brain syndrome is one of them. What is Wet brain syndrome? The wet brain syndrome also known as...


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